Monday, 12 March 2012

Magazines Are My Life

If anybody is ever looking for me, it is almost guaranteed that I'll be snuggled up somewhere flicking through my treasure Company magazine. I just can't help myself. For me, a life without magazines is like a house with windows, a swimming pool without water or a shop without clothes. You guessed it, magazines are my life. Don't think I'm sad or anything but I prefer than to the TV any day.

The thing that I love about magazines is that there is just such a wide range of topics. Whether it's a real life story about depression or a 10 page spread on the latest trend- I read the whole damn thing from cover to cover. My favorite part of the magazine is undeniably the Fashion and Beauty sections, closely followed by the celebrity cover star interview. Nothing make me feel better than checking out all the latest trends.

I've only just discovered Company magazine- I bought my first ever issue 2 months ago. A former more! magazine reader, it was a large step up. All that rubbish stuff about love and sex just wasn't for me. I'm happy that in Company there is much less of it. A fashion-focused magazine is just my type. The fact that my first Company issue was the release of their 'new-look' mag made me especially excited. The feel of the recycled paper was so nice (Sorry for that weird detail!) Overall the point I want to stress is that you shouldn't be afraid to upgrade of down-grade the type of magazine you read. Be experimental and take a risk when you're stood in the Co-Op in your Lipsy tracksuit and messy hair- it could turn out positively!

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-Rachel Louise xoxo

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Show Your Style This Summer

Summer is drawing near (yes, I know it still feels like Christmas- who knew time could go so quickly?!) and everybody is scrabbling around the high street in search of some good summer buys. A new crop top here, the latest hotpants there- a girls wardrobe is never complete. Or is it?
Although everybody knows a woman can never have too many items of clothes- what's wrong with re-vamping last summers' clothes? I've got to admit I am one of those girls, only the new stuff will do for me. But I decided to challenge myself and come up with a variety of outfits using last summers' purchases. Here they are:
*Apologies if some of the pictures are one their sides!*

I started off with a mish-mash of patterned clothes, a few block colour items, long necklaces and a few pair of shoes. I had tops, shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers to work with, and this is what I got:

Outfit 1: Sailor Girl
I know that the sailor look is always going to be on trend in the summer month, so this anchor-print dress is  an investment piece. It looks best work casually with a pair of cropped white leggings and some simple flip-flops. 
All from last summer's wardrobe.

Outfit 2: Floral Beauty
Possibly my favorite outfit, this cute chiffon top looks divine with some simple white shorts and a tan coloured belt. As well as the sailor look, floral is always destined to be big in summer- so don't be afraid to spend that little bit more on gorgeous floral items.
All from last summer's wardrobe.

Outfit 3: Cute and Girly
Yum. Yum. Yum. This feminine, innocent looking dress is a big hit for the summer. Wear it with nude flats and minimalistic jewelry for the full effect. This dress just screams summer and is idea for a cute meal out with the fam!
All from last summer's wardrobe.

Outfit 4: Short and Sexy
Floral shorts are just amazing! Dress them up with a silky top and platforms or keep it casual with a cropped top and brogues. Accessorize with a floral necklace like pictured and a single bangle. Simple, short and sexy is the way forward!
All from last summer's wardrobe.

Outfit 5: Trek in Trousers
Brown chino trousers are an ideal solution for a summer day shopping trip or day out with friends/family. Comfy, stylish and versatile- what's not to love about these trousers?!
All from last summer's wardrobe.

Outfit 6: Starry Eyed
Showing that there is more than one way to wear these classic shorts, I've re-teamed them with a gorgeous starry blouse. Stars were VERY in last year, and are still very popular this season. So don't be afraid to dig out that starry top this summer!
All from last summer's wardrobe.

What do you think of these outfits?! Have they inspired you to re-vamp your clothes from next summer?
-Rachel xoxo
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Favorite Songs


This isn't a fashion related post- but hopefully I'll be doing another s/s '12 post sometime soon! ( I need more time at the moment- I've got waaay too much to do!)

I'm an avid music fan- with my favorite genre indefinably being pop. However, over recent months I have expanded my musical horizon and now love slightly rocky singers. I also love r'n'b and have a weird love for classical music (possibly because I play many classic pieces for my flute exams). So, here are my favorite songs:

Domino- Jessie J
Jessie J has to be one of my favorite British artists. Her unique style, incredibly shiny shiny hair and extraordinary vocal range is irresistible. Her latest song, Domino is a bigger grower. Set to be BIG!

Paradise- Coldplay
My love for Coldplay has recently been re-born when they released their latest album, Mylo Xylto. Their new, upbeat style of music has drawn me in. Can't wait for the next single!

If You Wanna- The Vaccines
One of my good friends recommenced this Vaccine song to me and I'm already in love. Okay, so I only like this one song, but that's okay isn't it?! My taste in music is starting to expand...yay!

What are your best songs of the moment?

-Rachel xoxo