Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Good evening my darlings!

I am no longer the Glitz, Glamour and Games blogger you are all familiar with...I have now evolved into Lipsticks and Lollipops!

I don't really know what brought about the name change, I think I just felt like something different! I am also considering starting a Youtube channel, opinions?!

That's all for now!
-rachel louise xo

Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Makeup!

Hey :-)

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my friends and before, quickly popped into Superdrug to look at a MUA eyeshadow palette I had seen online. I found the palette and was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was 3 for 2 over all cosmetics. I didn't have loads of extra money with me, so bought a NYC lipstick and a MUA bronzer. 

Yep, I'm not really the sort of girl to get cheap, shitty makeup but I can't find another palette on the market with the same shades as the MUA one (and I just bought the other stuff for the sake of it!)

So, here are my reviews on the 3 products:

MUA 12 shade eyeshadow palette in 'Starry Night', £4.
Click HERE to find the product on the Superdrug website!

Wow, this palette is fab! The name 'Starry Eyes' perfectly fits the shades. The purples, silvers, blues and pinks look amazing on eyelids. I like to mix a couple of shades together to creates the ultimate look. You can also use the black as a glitter eyeliner sort of thing if you've run out!

The down side: The shit brush. It's really hard to pack the colour on and isn't very good to apply onto the lid with. I much prefer the Superdrug Blending Brush to apply the shadows with.

These are swatches for the first line of shadows. I'm sorry they are very hard to see!

Swatches from the second row of eyeshadow- I think I prefer this row!

MUA bronzer in shade 1, £1.
Click HERE to find it on Superdrug.

I've never bought a bronzer before so I suppose I don't really know what's good and what's not. This is the lightest shade which is still quite dark and I haven't quite got the hang of how to use it yet! If you've got some good bronzer applying techniques- please let me know! Nevertheless, it is great value!

NYC lipstick in 435 'Tender Blush', £1.49
Click HERE to find the product online- it looks nothing like this in reality!

I think this shade is gorgeous, it gives a lovely, nude lip- but you can still tell you've got something on! It is nice and cheap and purse friendly...bonus!

And here is one of the worst swatches ever! Apologies!

You can't see that well but this is me with my new products on!

-rachel louise x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

What is there to say about BLOGGING? (My blogging journey!)

Aah, blogging. What can I say?

I've started blogging on and off from around the age of 11. I used to have a blog called Rachel's Shopping Journal which I used to love blogging for, but then I got bored. Waaay before that, I had a fashion blog that I can't even remember the name of. That was my first ever blog and was amazed at what you could do on blogger!

I then went through my Stardoll obsession phase at around 11/12. I'd never really properly had a Stardoll account and when I created 'rachellouiseeee', I became engrossed in all of the hype of it and subsequently, ended up spending LOTS of money on that site (which I hindsight  was an incredibly stupid idea!) I blogged for the famous Stardoll blog 'Inbetween Stardoll' where I blogged about new updates, and went on to write general shit!

After I grew out of that phase, Rachel's Shopping Journal was born. This new blog had a much more mature air to it, I was beginning to develop a love for fashion and knew the direction I wanted my blog to head. However, due to the demand of school and then fact I didn't have a laptop, I sadly had hardly any time to post. Although I loved that blog, I knew deep down it was never going to last.

I don't even know when I started Glitz, Glamour and Games. The name is the exact same as my Tumblr name and I thought it added a sophisticated, stylish air to the blog. Since this blog has been created, it has been through many 'makeovers' and there probably will be many more. I like to develop my blog regularly and make it the best I can be!

I've been pretty rubbish at doing clothes posts recently, but hopefully one will be coming up at the weekend! Because I'm back at school, I saving my money instead of spending right now and saving up for CHRISTMAS presents etc.

So, that about sums up my blogging career. I hope that it won't be the end and I can continue to blog in the future! I'm sorry if this post is a bit boring, but I have a 3-day weekend coming up so some fab posts are to follow :-)

-rachel louise

Friday, 16 November 2012

Children In Need

Today is Children In Need day. I'm sure you've probably done something special in order to raise money for this fabulous charity today, and if you haven't, it would be wonderful to donate!

My school did a fancy dress day and put on our own version of the hit ITV1 show: TAKE ME OUT. I came dressed as a builder (minus the builder's bum ;)) I would post a picture but my iPod won't connect to my laptop :(

Take Me Out at my school was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen, and really got me in the spirit for Children In Need. I would recommend your school/workplace doing something similar to it in the future!

As I write this post, I am watching Anne Widdecombe make a fool out of herself on the SCD special after viewing a better-than-average One Direction performance of 'Live While We're Young'. And phowar, they looked good!

Nevertheless, we can't deny the fact that all of this is all in aid of one fantastic cause. Children In Need aims to drastically improve the lives of deprived children throughout the Untied Kingdom. Every penny donated will go toward improving the lives of children who really need help.

Visit: bbc.co.uk/pudsey or call: 03457 33 22 33

Thank you :-))

-Rachel Louise xo

Friday, 9 November 2012


**Evening guys! Now I've returned to school, I won't be able to post every day, but hopefully I can squeeze in some posts now and then!

In the past, I'd never really considered Topshop makeup as one of the big makeup brands like Rimmel, Benefit, L'Oreal, Max Factor, Barry M etc. But ever since the largest Topshop outside of London (how fab?!) opened recently in Leeds, which is where I live, I've become slightly obsessed with their products.

The pretty design is unique yet girly and sophisticated. The products stand out from the rest and are consistent and all stick to the same basic, artistic theme. The products are reasonably priced, not too expensive but not like Natural Collection or MUA cheap. The items are of good quality and guaranteed to be worth the money.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

All pictures and text credit to: http://www.topshop.com

What do you think of Topshop makeup?

-Rachel Louise xo

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Recent Purchases

Good evening readers; whilst most of you will probably be at a fireworks display, I am sat at my desk after taking a mountain of blog photos and writing this post for my beautiful followers!

This morning, I endured a lovely shopping trip to Leeds with my mum, and was incredibly lucky to have her credit card by my side as we spent quite a bit (when I say 'we', I obviously mean my mother! ;)) So, here are my purchases (this also features a shirt I bought in the River Island sale a few weeks ago!)
*Apologies for the poor quality webcam on my laptop tonight, I think it's clearer when I take photos during the daytime!*

This gorgeous cream knitted jumper cost £17.99 and is from New Look! I absolutely love it; it goes with millions of items in my wardrobe! Its incredibly soft and snuggly, perfect for winter!!

I think this jumper looks fab with the £10 River Island sale skirt! The colours co-ordinate fabulously and the outfit doesn't look too dressy. Perfect day time outfit.

Or, team it with some leggings (here, I chose black) for a more laid back look. 
A close up of the jumper and a weird face from me!

This beautiful blouse is also from New Look, and costs £19.99 (which I think it relatively cheap for this type of thing- ones in Topshop are around £45!) It's simple design will go with practically anything and the embellished collar makes it unique.

This collar is amazingly detailed, yet simple at the same time. I love the gold tips, no need for a necklace with this blouse!

Yet again, this blouse will go with the skirt I bought a couple of weeks ago. I seriously considering wearing this outfit for Christmas, complete with black tights and my Primark black loafers. 

Close ups on the shirt and tips. It's such a cute design, I literally can't complain!

What do you think of these outfits?

-Rachel Louise xo

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mini Tumblr Post

I don't know whether or not you have Tumblr, but I'm slightly obsessed with all the pretty pictures on it. So, what better way to show you my love for tumblr than to screenshot my tumblr page and show you my favorite pictures!

Please follow me on Tumblr, I only have 7 followers! 

-Rachel Louise xoxo

What To Buy Your Friends For Chirstmas

I honestly can't believe it's already 1st November! It's almost Christmas time already! I've already started buying Christmas presents for my closest friends, and have decided to do a blog post of what to buy you friends, as I Know many people (including myself) struggle to find the right presents. So, here is my list of the Top 5 things to buy your girl mates...

1. Lush Gift Sets
You cannot go wrong with a lush bath bomb box set. Every girl loves to pamper themselves, so this elegant present will suit the majority (if not all) of your friends- leaving no room for error (plus really nice smelling friends!) They also come in a variety of size and prices.
                     All I Want for Christmas Christmas Candy BoxBest Wishes
credit: www.lush.com

2. River Island Bags/Purses
FACT- women can never have too many bags/purses. Obviously, you need one to co-ordinate with every outfit, meaning a present of a bag or purse is ideal. River Island have a fab selection of bags and purses, with their signature stamp on. Your friends will love you if you buy them one!
Dark beige cross body messenger bagBlack art deco clip purseLight brown stud suede tote
Credit: www.riverisland.com

3. Topshop Nail Polishes
 I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore the nail polishes in Topshop, their amazing variety of colours and sensational and a couple of these little beauties would be an excellent present. Although they may look small, your friends will know how much they cost, so size won't be a problem.

Nails in Ice CrushNails in Gone FishingNails In Pluto
Credit: www.topshop.com

4. A gift card for their favorite store
If you are really really stuck, then a gift card is a great present. All the major stores (Topshop, RI, New Look, Primark, Lush, Boots, Miss Selfridge, Republic, Zara, H&M, HMV, Superdrug) all offer gift cards- just choose the store that your mate loves the most.

5. A Primark Babygrow
I know this sounds like a silly present, but babygrows from Primark (or other shops) are all the rage this winter. These head-to-toe fluffy delights are proving incredibly popular and now come in a variety of colours and styles.

So, what will you buy your friends for Christmas 2012?

-Rachel Louise xoxo