Friday, 25 January 2013

January Favorites

*I really think I should make Monthly favorites well, monthly- yet I just always seem forget which is incredibly annoying!

January is like the 'Monday' out of all of the months; dull, boring and totally useless. Now that the snow is finally turning into the death-trap that is ice, I need to find little pick-me-ups to get me through the month. Introducing my January favorites list- little things that are pulling me through this dull month! Only 6 days left yaaay!

1. Waterloo Road- Waterlo Road started its latest series at the beginning of January and since then my Thursday evenings at 8pm have been spent in front of the tv with a mug of tea oogling over Conor. I'm sorry but if you don't find him the slightest bit attractive then I think you need to get out more! I have to admit this is my guilty pleasure as I'm not really a big soap fan- yet I find myself being sucked into all the dramas that happen to this motley crew in Scotland
                 (Picture Credit:

2. Onesies- I'm sorry but how can you not love wearing onesies? They are just so so so comfy and perfect for lazy days. I love slipping my own first thing in the morning or after I've come out of the bath/shower. They keep you super warm and Primark do some great ones for a tenner! 
    (Picture Credit:
                                                               Grey (Grey) Grey Neon Heart Print Onesie | 266167904 | New Look
3. Shower Jellies from Lush- On a recent shopping trip to Manchester with one of my closest friends, I purchase a shower jelly before. I love Lush a massive amount but had previously never ventured into the world of shower jellies. My friend recommenced that I tried the Sweetie Pie jelly at £3.10 for 100ml.  It's safe to say I'm not disappointed- these jellies are top quality and are perfect in the shower!          
                                                   (Picture Credit:                                                                           

So there we go, the things that are getting me through this drab, drab month. Stay tuned this evening for a post from Georgie and Iridescent Adolescent!

Rachel xo

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Way, It's a Snow Day!

Cheeky blog title copied from an UO email ;)

I bet you're wondering why I'm posting at such an ungodly hour on a Monday morning right? Well, as you have probably gathered over night there was A LOT of snow and as a result my school has been closed for the day yaaaaay!

Now, I absolutely HATE snow with a passion so you won't be seeing me sledging down any hill today, but I do have a large amount of respect for it when it has allowed me to not go to school and miss physics and maths!

However, you can't deny that it looks beautiful when it has been untouched and has just set and nobody has ruined it! As soon as it started to snow again, I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of pictures to share with you.

On a side note, what do you think of the new title/layout/pages etc. I've spent the past hour sorting it all out so I hope you'll be grateful! I much prefer the minimalist look as it make the blog look much more professional!

-Rachel xo

Sunday, 13 January 2013

What's In My Bag?

I've been obsessed with watching Youtube beauty/fashion videos recently and my favorites are undoubtedly Zoella and  Louise/Sprinkle of Glitter. I really advise that you check out their channels (click on their names to visit their channel). Anyhoo, on Zoella's Channel, she did a'What's In My Bag? Winter Edition', so I thought I'd do one too, but for this blog!

I bought my bag around November time from Matalan at the incredibly cheap price of £12. It is spacious and can fit a large purse, makeup bag, phone and all other essentials. I had the choice between black and pink and chose black as it is much more practical and great for Autumn/Winter!

I'm slightly obsessed with hand gels right now, I'm very fussed about ensuring my hands stay clean and germ free, that's why I was delighted when I discovered that Soap and Glory have a hand gel available at Boots. The travel sized tube is perfect to pop in your bag on a day out.

Phone. My crappy phone is an essential and hopefully I'll be able to afford an iPhone sometime in the near future.
A notepad and pen is perfect for when you find something in a shop you want but can't buy immediately or for thoughts on the go. Must have.

Obviously a purse is a handbag essential. I got this beauty for Christmas from my Uncle and Auntie and it's from River Island for £17. There is loaaads of space for credit cards/business cards/gift cards and two purses- one for coins and one for notes.
You never know when you will need a brush, this little compact one is perfect for times when you are on the go and having a hair mare! The mirror is an added bonus!

This little pot of goodness from Boots is really cheap at £1.99 and is regularly on offer (that's the best time to buy a couple!) It's perfect to keep your lips in tact on these cold winter months.

One of my close friends bought me a set of 3 mini Impulse for Christmas, and they are amazing to carry around in your handbag to top up your fragrance throughout the day! You can find these at Superdrug


Lastly, comes this gorgeous lip scrub from Lush in Bubblegum. I got this for Christmas and it is AMAZING! It helps banish dry skin on lips and tastes fab!

Have a lovely week and I will try and post soon :-)

Rachel xxx

Friday, 11 January 2013

Happy New Year

I can't believe it's 2013 already! It doesn't seem a second since we were seeing 2012 in! I've been really rubbish at blogging so far this year as I was very busy around New Year and then we returned to school on Tuesday. Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze in posts around my homework/social life!

I wish you all the very best 2013 and I will shortly return with a new post!

Rachel xo