Thursday, 4 April 2013

Barry M Nail Paint Collection

Blogathon- Day 4 (Blogging every day of the Easter holidays)

Barry M is by far my favorite brand of nail polish; I'm not a big fan of the rest of their makeup, but their nail polishes are fantastic! I thought I'd share my collection with you today!

I store all of my 15 nail polishes in this gorgeous Ted Baker box, which was originally used to store a miniature Ted Baker body set I got for Christmas 2 years ago. The nail paints fit nicely in this box and it is very easy to open and store.

From left to right:
1. 54 "Clear"- This is a top coat, base coat and nail hardener all in one. It is really good at adding shine to my nails.
2. 47 "Black"- This is a staple colour and looks great on toe nails, I try to veer away from fingers as it has a tenancy to stain and linger.
3. 292 "Navy"-This colour looks really nice in Autumn/Winter.
4. 324 "Silvery Lilac- This is one of my favorite colours as it has a shimmery undertone.
5. 317 "Blue Moon"- This is lovely for summer but needs several coats for defined colour.
6. 273 "Raspberry"- My all time favorite nail polish. Wow, you need to try this yourself.
7. 303 "Bright Purple"- This was my first ever Barry M polish so hold a special place in my heart!
8. 308 "Berry Ice Cream"- This is part of the ice cream pastel collection and I love having this on my nails in summer!
9. 272 "Shocking Pink"- This colour is really vibrant and great for making a statement.
10. 279 "Bright Pink"- This colour is softer than the previous and looks beautiful in spring.
11.  337 "Pink Silver Glitter"- I love this colour but it is a nightmare to get off!!
12. Gelly Nail Paint 10 "Lychee"- My latest nail polish is part of the high shine gelly range and this is amazing!
13. 307 "Lemon Ice Cream"- I've actually never tried this colour and am looking forward to trying it out this summer!
14. 321 "Nail Effects in Gold"- This crackle top coat is fab once on, but is very thick and gloopy.
15. 244 "Hologram"- This polish is fab over another one but tricky to apply!

Barry M is mainly stocked in Boots and Superdrug but you can find it online too!

See you tomorrow for another blogathon post!

Rachel x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Tops

Blogathon: Day 3 (Blogging every day of the Easter holidays)

Since the clocks went forward on Easter Sunday, I feel as if summer has finally arrived. (Mainly) gone is the snow that has occupied our lives for the last 6 months; we are beginning to see a glimpse of sunshine, I'm now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Summer is arriving, and it's bringing a mountain full of gorgeous summery clothes with it.
Obviously, I haven't finished my summer wardrobe as at the end of March, I lacked the determination to find  spring/summer appropriate clothes when snow was still dwindling. However, I managed to take a shopping trip to the fab new Trinity shopping centre in Leeds and picked up a few tops that have been included in this post.
(I've found a new spot in my wall to photograph outfits, which gives a good white background and quality focus. Yay!)
NEW LOOK £12.99
I picked up this beauty in the brand spanking new New Look store in Leeds, and I think it is just amazingly gorgeous. Personally, it just screams summer. The pretty flowery/sun-shaped pattern is sheer whilst the back is thick material with buttons down the back. It is quite a high neck and with such a detailed design, I feel it doesn't need a necklace, but be sure to bulk it up with chunky bracelets!

This top is an absolute bargain and looks more expensive than it actually is. I wore this on Easter Sunday with a pair of Topshop denim leggings and I felt incredibly summery. It's chiffon-like feel makes it feel pricey, when in fact it's dirt cheap! Amazing buy!

H&M, £7.99
This gorgeous grey marl oversized t-shirt will be perfect to throw on over leggings or jeans in summer as it nails sophistication without the effort (or the price tag). The bottom pictures focuses on how the t-shirt offers more than first meets the eye; the rainbow dotted specks add a little extra something to this plain yet stylish top.

My mum picked out this sheer top for me last year in the River Island sale and I immediately fell in love with it. The unusual print is what makes this top special, it feels fab on and can be dressy or toned down with jeans or leggings and converse. I think it's the perfect thing to wear on holiday either with shorts or tucked into a back maxi.

Last year, this was by far my most worn top. The intricate floral detailing made me instantly drawn to the top and the moment since I purchase it, I barely took it off. It was ideal for every occasion, either dressed up with a skirt or down with my pale denim Topshop leggings.

When I first got this top, it had to be altered as the straps were too long, meaning I've been able to wear this palm tree beauty for years. I really do love it and wear it every summer, it is fail-safe and never lets me down when I need something to wear at the drop of a hat. I adore the fact that its many colours means it goes with anything and everything!

This selection of tops are the ones you will see me sporting day in, day out during the summery months!

Join me tomorrow for another post! 
Rachel x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Room Decorations

Blogathon: Day 2 (Blogging every day of the Easter holidays)

I moved house about 3 years ago (honestly can't believe how quickly time flies) and I got a new room. Being in Year 8, I felt incredibly sophisticated buying lots of gorgeous things to put in my room, I made sure I chose things that I truly lovely and knew would last. Baring all of the basics, this post features little things I have on my walls that are what define 'homely'.

This wall canvas was the perfect Christmas present from my younger brother. This beautiful things brightens and fills an empty wall, making my room feel young and exciting.

This is honestly one of the favorite parts of my room. Tucked in a little corner by my window, I have a set of 5 pot love-hearts on my wall. My collection quickly grew from one I received a couple of years ago and now I view my collection complete at 5. I think things like this really add to a room and make it look extra cute.

I have a slightly bigger version of the love-hearts on my strip of wall that connects the original room to the extended part. Items like this are perfect to fill up empty spaces and the detailing on these hearts are amazing. I bought this on holiday a couple of years ago.

Situated about my bed is 3 canvas floral pictures from Next, they were one of the first things that I bought to go in my new room and I absolutely love them! Personally, I think they make my room look really sophisticated and reflect my love for everything floral.

This dragonfly wind-chime may have been made for the garden, but I think it makes a really nice room decoration. I've had this for ages and had it hanging from the ceiling in my old house, but I decided it would look better on the wall in my new room.

I bought this gorgeous jewellery holder in York last year and it is the best way to store all my long necklaces. It doesn't look messy on the wall, but in fact looks stylish and cute- what I designed my room to be like. It has several hooks that caters for many necklaces.

These are just some of the things that are in my room that I absolutely adore! See you tomorrow for another blogathon post!

Rachel xo

Monday, 1 April 2013

March Favorites

Blogathon: Day 1 (Blogging every day of the Easter holidays)

First and foremost, Happy Easter! March seemed to come and go incredibly quickly and the time has come to complete my March favorites. Over the past month, I have tried out many products, ranging from bubble baths to moisturisers- some of which I loved and some which made me never want to go near again! Furthermore, I've been addicted to favorites videos on YouTube channels such as Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter, so they are my inspiration for this post!


I got this hand cream ages ago but never really got into it, but in the past month I've really been loving it! I'm trying to use it all up as I've had it for such a long time. It is perfect to use before a manicure or when your hands are feeling dry; I'd recommend it to anybody who likes sweet smells!

I bought this salt spray from L'Oreal recently because I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I picked this up with a heat protection spray from Boots for only £4 which I think is very good! I only think this product is good when you've curled your hair- it really helps the curls stay in place and adds extra volume.

When I heard that the gelly nail paint range had been released at Barry M, I was hesitant to buy one in case they were a waste of money. I ended up buying one when I bought a nail paint for my friend's birthday and decided to get one for myself. I bought one in the colour 'lychee' which you'd expect to be very pale, but in fact is very noticeable and I would say there is a big difference between the ordinary polishes. I put the hologram polish on top, which is very tricky to apply evenly- but once done, looks gorgeous!

I received this perfume for my birthday last May from one of my closest friends and wow, it smells absolutely amazing. It's really hard to describe, but it is so refreshing and reminds me of summer. I've been using this perfume for school over the last month to put me in the summer spirit and hardly needs topping up throughout the day!

I bought this mini conditioner for my trip to Germany in February and have continued to use it throughout March. I use it once a week to help restore the dryness of my hair and give it a much needed boost. It is incredibly good in making my hair feel soft and silky and has a lovely smell!

I never ever used to use moisturiser and then I bought this stuff. It was my first skin-care brand moisturiser so I don't have much to compare it to, but I would say that it is really good at hydrating my skin and refreshing my skin before applying makeup. Although one thing I have found is that you have to wait a long time for it to sink it before applying foundation.

I got this from my grandparents for Christmas and oh my goodness, this stuff is heavenly. It does a miracle and buffing my lips and making them soft and ready for lipstick, but it also smells AMAZING! I can't stop eating this sugary treat!

There we have it, all of my favorite products from the last month. I will be hopefully doing an April Favorites this time next month! See you tomorrow for another post!

Rachel xo